Talend - Create a group of context


Advantage: Choose your environment more easily (Develop, Production, etc...) when your job is ready.

If you want use a context with autocomplete : CTRL + ESPACE

Create a group of context

In the repository:

  • Right click on the "Context"
  • Click on "Create a group of context"

  • Add your name of context
  • Click on "Next"
  • Add your variables (Name, Type and value)

  • Add your different environment

  • Click on "Finish"

Add a group of context

When you create a Talend job:

  • Click on tab "Contexts" 

  • Click on this icon 
  • Select your context

  • Check if your context is ok


Example: Use Context 

  • Add a component
  • Double click on the component

If you would like add the variable of context : context.nameVariable

Choose your context when you execute your job

In the "Execute" tab:

  • Choose your environment on the drop-down menu : Develop, Production, etc.