Python - External Modules: pip and requirements.txt

In order to use external modules on Saagie platform it is possible to use pip requirements.txt file.

For example to use tensorflow module:

With requirements.txt

  • The following file will be used as an entry point script:
# Module import
import tensorflow as tf

# Use of module
def compute_mean(data):
    func = tf.reduce_mean(data)

# Script
if __name__ == '__main__':
    compute_mean(tf.constant([1, 5, 9, 6, 7]))

  • A requirements.txt file has also to be created:
File requirements.txt
  • Then you'll have to package both file into a zip archive with the following structure:

Please note that whenever there is more than one python file into the zip archive, there have to be a file which will be used as an entry point.

  • You can then create a job and use the following command to launch the script:
Python execution command
python {file}

With pip install

It is also possible to install modules manually using pip.

You'll need to upload the previously created file on your job creation and list the list of package you want to install.

Manual pip installation
pip install tensorflow
python {file}