Data Governance Release Notes

Version 1.19 - June 2018

Features :

  • New tag named labels on dataset field in Data Governance (simple generic tag). No yet available in search filter.

Version 1.18 - March 2018

Features :

  • Labels on dataset are available in search filter
  • Data API : expose a dataset of type Hive or Impala table thanks to a GraphQL API using HTTP basic authentication.

Version 1.17 - March 2018

Version number of Data Governance now integrated with Data Fabric version number (Data Fabric Release Notes)

Features :

  • Comment of field can be updated from Data Governance UI
  • New tag named labels on dataset in Data Governance (simple generic tag) 

Version 1.4 - February 2018

Features :

  • Data Governance becomes Datalake service with a dedicated MongoDb datastore

Version 1.3 - February 2018

Marketing & Sales version : Release Note Saagie Data Governance 1.3.pdf

Features :

  • New design and navigation

Version 1.2 - January 2018

Marketing & Sales version : Release Note Saagie Data Governance 1.2.pdf

Features :

  • Open-source anonymization job which substitute fields (numeric, string and date) to anonymize with a generated value respecting the same format for csv and parquet files on table

Version 1.1 - November 2017

Marketing & Sales version : Release Note Saagie Data Governance 1.1.pdf

Features :

  • Improvement of the user experience for the declaration of personal data
  • Keep filters details open when switching between datasets list and analytics view 

Fixed bugs :

  • When a dataset changes from containing personal data to no longer contain it, reset all metadata with default values
  • Keep filter configuration between datasets list and analytics view
  • In fields tab of dataset, when attribute name is completed, display both attribute name and field name on field's title

Version 1.0.3 - October 2017


  • Add notification when error occurs

Fixed bugs:

  • Issue when applying a filter and switching between data sets panel and analytics panel

Version 1.0.2 - October 2017


  • New select, multi-select and tags composants
  • Manage first events to generate register of processing for GDPR compliance

Fixed bugs:

  • Keep filters when switching between data sets view and analytics
  • Display of deleted data sets
  • API : correct issue on link between a data set and a domain
  • UI issues on Personal Data panel 

Version 1.0.1 - September 2017


  • Add API documentation

Fixed bugs:

  • Remove search terms when switching between Data sets view to Domains view
  • Use the same orders between fields of data set panel and filters

Version 1.0.0 - August 2017

Marketing & Sales version: Data Governance - Release 1.0.pdf


  • Declaration of personal data :
    • Declare a dataset as containing personal data
    • Declare the field containing the user consent information and the user consent value
    • Declare the field containing the entry date
    • Declare fields to be anonymized
    • Declare the activation of the anonymization processing with a delay from entry date
  • Filter datasets on personal data informations (with/without personal data, consent indicator, entry date, anonymized fields, anonymization enabled)
  • Dashboard to identify % of datasets with personal data informations
  • API for use data governance services

Version 0.9.2 - July 2017

Features :

  • GOV-15: Specify Named attributes, comment, category or master data can be added on a dataset field
  • GOV-18: CSV Full download of a Dataset
  • GOV-19: CSV Sample download of a Dataset
  • GOV-60: Specify a type (String, date, datetime, integer ...) on a dataset field
  • GOV-102: Specify several named entity to a dataset.
  • GOV-108: Saagie4Excel is now a plain part of Data Governance
  • GOV-119: Better handling of Datasets in Json files.
  • GOV-120: Preview & download of hdfs files in csv, xml and csv.
  • GOV-123: Ability to hide deleted datasets.