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# Connecting to Impala by providing Impala host ip and port (21050 by default),credentials and a Webhdfs client
hdfs = ibis.hdfs_connect(host=os.environ['IP_HDFS'], port=50070)
client = ibis.impala.connect(host=os.environ['IP_IMPALA'], port=21050, hdfs_client=hdfs, user=os.environ['LDAP_USER'], password=os.environ['LDAP_PASSWORD'], auth_mechanism='PLAIN')

titleImpala over SSL

If your Impala is secured with SSL, you have to add the following parameters to your ibis.impala.connect() command:

  • use_ssl=True    → Mandatory. The client will communicate over SSL to the server.
  • ca_cert=None    → Optional. If not set, the certificate won't be validated so this may be a potential security issue. The certificate chain file is available on Saagie's servers at /data/ssl/certs/ca-chain.cert.pem

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